Best Kids Cell Phones To Use

If you are looking for information on what cell phones make a good kids cell phone, then you are at the right place

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when buying a cell phone for your child. It should be a durable phone that can handle rough handling. In some cases extremely rough depending on the nature and age of your child.

The firefly is a considered to be a top kids cell phone on the market today. It comes in bright colors which kids love, it has cartoony designs and many related screen animations.
It also has three large brightly colored buttons that makes it easy for very young children to contact mom or someone close in the event of an emergency. It comes with parental control features that require an access code that only mom and dad will have in order to set certain features. It allows the parent to control features like who can call your child or who the child can call and so on.

The wherifone, which is another popular kids phone has a built in GPS locator which allows the parent to know where there kid is at anytime as long as they are carrying the cell phone with them. It is also a useful phone because if the child was to loose the phone, one could track it down easily because of its built in GPs tracker. All you have to have is a computer that is connected to the Internet and you can track the location of the phone within a few meters. This phone also has parental controls that allow the parents to set certain features on and off, block numbers and so on. Features such as these are geared just for children who own cell phones.

The LeapFrog TicTalk cell phonefor kids is probably the most capable phone when it comes to what you can do when controlling parental control options. It has a address book that is very detailed on what numbers can be used or not, and the phone can also be programmed to let certain calls through at certain times of the day. It also has the ability to download pictures and reminder list for the child which makes a fun device as well as something that can be used to help with time management skills.

The Disney mobile serviceis geared more for the content side than hardware, although there actual phones are impressive. There phones are closer to adult phones with texting features and flip top designs. You can still control parental options with these phones with a code, but over all these phones are a bit tailored for the slightly older kids, but not children who are quite ready for a grown up style cell phone.

The Tracfone was not really designed for children but because it is cheap, durable, comes with a pay as go price plan, and has parental controls also, it makes for a great kids cell phone. We all know that most kids are a bit more likely to break, loose, and try to talk up an enormous amount of minutes than the average adult.

The Chatnow phoneis really not a cell phone, but it is a two way radio with a lot of the same functions as a regular kids cell phone like texting, and photo sharing. They are capable of communication with in a 2 mile radius of each other.

Some more things when considering a kids cell phone would be to try to get a kids cell phone that keeps a long battery charge before having to recharge. Most kids are not as disciplined as adults when it comes to keeping the battery charged, so its best to try and compensate for this with a phone that has a battery that holds a charge for a long time.

Younger children seem to love colorful screens more, so let them have some say so when choosing or try to make sure it is something they consider to be in style if possible, but do not spend too much money unless your like Bill Gates cause there is a good chance the phone will end up broken, lost, dropped in water and so on with in a short period of time.

Due to uncertainties about the health risk involved with using cell phones for long periods of time, I would try to restrict my child from talking on it too much….or at least get them a blue tooth device or headset that will keep the actual phone away from there face while they are talking. There is still much debate about the radiation from cell phone handsets, and until this subject is cleared, we wouldn’t want our child to become a statistic.

Help your child understand all the functions of the phone, especially if they are very young. Some kids catch on quicker than others so use your best judgement on how much you should teach them about how to use there cell phone.

firefly cell phone for kids

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firefly cell phone for kids here WWW.TERON.CO.CC

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GPS Cell Phone and Locator for Kids – Wherifone – Have you seen or used it ?

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It’s at ToysRus and

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What Age Should Kids Get Cell Phones?

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Parents are faced with a with a tough question when it comes to the appropriate age for children to have cell phones.

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Cell Phone / GPS Locator for Child?

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Several days ago my ex-wife called saying our 8 year old son was supposed to get out of his after-school activity at 4:00 and at 4:45 he was still not home. No one answered at the school or Superintendent’s office and the bus garage could not help. Thankfully, it was a mistake on my ex’es part; our son was still at his after-school activity that was getting out at 5:00, not 4:00. But it was a scary situation thinking your child may have been left behind at school or dropped off at the wrong location. I have been checking on child friendly cell phones with GPS locator ability but it seems what used to be popular are no longer available/supported (you can still get Wherifone, Firefly, and Tic Talk phones on eBay but can’t get the support or can’t activate the phones).

Are there any child friendly phones with GPS locators out there and are any of them Pay As You Go? I use a prepaid cell phone and really don’t want to be tied down to a service plan but would consider it if it is the only option.

Would you get your 13 year old daughter this cell phone?

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She will be paying for it and the monthly charges. She’ll be getting a .00 plan with 200 minutes of talk time and unlimited texting. Is this appropriate for her age, or should I make her get a pre-paid flip phone or a Firefly?
She gets the money from allowance and her steady babysitting job. She gets 10 bucks a week for her allowance.

What is a good beginner cell phone that is still cool?

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I really want a cell phone, and if I can find a cool, cheap phone, my mom will almost definately say yes!!
Please do NOT answer Firefly; those are dumb.

A Cell Phone I Think Is cool but i need your opinion!?

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Ok first of all i like the firefly phone and i can do whateverrrr i want with it if i pay and stuff for it, and yes i can because i’ll have about 0 dollars next year so i can pay for minutes and all that,and ill pay for the skins and the acceciors, im almost in 4th grade and im gonna get this so i can talk to my friends and for emergencies. So?? What is your opinion dont be mean because i want a cell phone and can’t have any other ones till im a like 2 yrs older
And you know whoever says im too young needs TO READ!!! I SAID I CAN I HAVE IF I PAY FOR IT!! SO READ!

My almost step daughter wants a cell phone-?

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She is 11. She has a IPod she can text with, I dont know why she wants one.
Her father and I are getting married at the end of the month.

She had a FireFly phone since 3rd grade, she is in 5th.

Can you recomened some good phones, we are with Verizon.

She wants a common phone, that has a color, that has many covers, that has a keyboard, and cool things.

I want a cheap phone, under 0. Can anybody help me?
We are with Verizon.

What would you suggest for cell phone for kid? Firefly or tracfone? He's 10 years old.?

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